What is it?

21 chapters in length. It takes under an hour to read. Yet the message of John’s Gospel has touched hearts and changed minds. The majestic opening to John’s Gospel is often called the Prologue. If the Gospel were an opera, this Prologue would be the musical intro – the Overture. 

In this feature length documentary, through gripping narrative, dramatic visuals, historical analysis and musical works, Paul M Harvey explores ten themes found in the Gospel – which are first mentioned in the Prologue. Through these themes we capture the essence of the Gospel as a whole.




When & how to watch?

Watch the programme premiere for free on Monday the 22nd of August 2022 beginning at 19:00 BST.


You will be able to access the premiere on Youtube. The link will be available here and on the Facebook Event Page in the coming couple of weeks. Stay tuned and sign up for updates!



Programme Trailers


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The details on how to watch the programme will be published on this website. However, for more regular updates, videos, filming news and premiere information we would recommend that you show your interest in watching the premiere by responding to the Facebook event page:


The Journey So Far...

Below we will upload some photographs taken along the way. Keep an eye out for new additions!