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Join singer & songwriter Paul M Harvey for our journey together through the prophecies of Isaiah. The Book of Isaiah is the prophetic pinnacle of the Old Testament. It presents us with a vast canvas of ideas, themes and images. It can therefore appear somewhat overwhelming. The two part programme looks at the words of Isaiah through original songs, breath-taking visuals and short devotionals from: Dr RT Kendall (author and former Minister of Westminster Chapel) George Verwer (evangelist and founder of Operation Mobilisation) Andrew Graham (pastor at Bradley Road Evangelical Church) Graeme Fairbairn (former Pastor of Wycliffe Baptist Church, Reading) Dr Bawa Leo (mobilisation consultant at WEC International)

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Online Event Trailer

We recommend that you watch the live viewings on a big screen such as a smart TV so that you get the most out of the visual and sound quality. You can watch on this website below but we would advise you press 'click here' and watch on YouTube.

Part 1 of Immanuel God Is With Us | Live broadcast on Monday 14th of December. Watch below or click here

Part 2 of Immanuel God Is With Us | Live broadcast on Tuesday 15th of December. Watch below or click here

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