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Great Truths - Searching Questions

Bringing Jesus Into Everyday Conversations

50 thought provoking sentences formed of a great truth and a searching question. Comprised over the last few years by Gareth Powell these truths and questions are designed so that you can bring Jesus into your everyday conversations.

Jesus seeks to heal the spiritually blind.

Would you like to see Jesus?

Jesus will lead you by the hand.

Will you trust Jesus?

Rejoice that Jesus can open your eyes.

Are your eyes open to Jesus?

Jesus wants to save you.

Have you asked Jesus to save you?

Jesus comes in mercy.

Do you need God's mercy?

Jesus answers our cries.

Have you cried out to Jesus?

Jesus is precious.

Is Jesus precious to you?

Jesus loves to bless.

Why wouldn't you want the blessings of Jesus?

Jesus loves to hear our "YES" replies.

Will you say 'YES' to Jesus?

Have you looked to the cross of Jesus?

He went there for you!

Peace comes from Jesus.

Where is your peace coming from?

Why take the long way to Jesus?

Why not go swiftly to Jesus?

It is all for Christ or nothing for Christ.

Why wouldn't you want to be all for Christ?

Jesus saves, you can't.

Why are you relying on yourself?

You don't need anguish to come to Jesus.

What is stopping you from coming to Jesus?


Jesus satisfied God the Father.

Why isn't Jesus satisfying you?

Conversion is coming to Jesus as you are.

What better offer are you seeking?

God's way of saving man is by Jesus.

What is your way?

Out of self and into Jesus.

Is not Jesus safer than self?

It is not how you come to Jesus but whether you come to Jesus.

Why are you still avoiding Jesus?

If you are clinging to Jesus you are saved.

Are you clinging to Jesus?

Jesus does not need or use human methods to save lost souls.

Have you seen the power of Jesus?

Jesus brings us out of darkness and into light.

Have you see the light of Jesus?

"Crucify Him! Crucify Him" was the cry.

Does Jesus touch your heart?

Do you know the Gospel has power?

Would you call out for such power?

Why do people reject Jesus?

Why do you reject Jesus?

Jesus's mission is to save.

Is He your Saviour?

Jesus makes many amazing high claims.

Do such claims bother you?

Christ will rule in love now or judgement on that day.

Which will you choose?

Mercy is in the hands of Jesus.

Whose hands are you trusting?

Good or vile, all need Jesus.

Do you agree?

Jesus is without fault.

Do you find Him faultless?

Jesus is alive!

Have you ever realised Jesus is alive?

Jesus fixes His eyes on you.

Have you ever felt His gaze?

Jesus sympathises with you.

Do you feel Jesus's sympathising touch?

Jesus can lift you out of despair.

Have you ever asked Jesus to lift you out of despair?

Come to Jesus as you are.

What are you trying to change before you come to Jesus?

Jesus comes to set you free.

Has He freed you?

Jesus wants to give you joy and make you glad.

Why wouldn't you want such joy and gladness?

Trust Jesus!

Who told you not to trust Jesus?

Read the Bible but it is Jesus who saves.

Do you believe in the Jesus of the Bible?

Salvation is only through Jesus.

Who are you looking to?

Jesus is all truth. God cannot lie.

Why can't you take Jesus at His word?

Jesus is the great healer.

Why wouldn't you want to be healed by Jesus?

Jesus should be thanked and praised.

What do you thank Jesus for?

Jesus deserves our praise.

Do you ever praise Jesus?

You have many blessings in life.

Do you ever thank Jesus?

Do you love Jesus?

If not why?

Who do you go to first with your troubles?

Why don't you go to Jesus first?

We are called to "Bow the knee to King Jesus."

Will you bow your knee to King Jesus?

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