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A free online journey that helps you make sense of Christianity and the Bible through five short interactive sessions composed of videos, questions, articles and digital resources. 

What is Discover?

Discover! is a free online course that helps you make sense of Christianity and examine the claims of Jesus Christ. It takes place over five short online interactive sessions that last for about 20 minutes each. These sessions are designed to ask some challenging questions and enable you to consider the facts and come to a conclusion. You will consider these questions and what the Bible says through short thoughts, videos, thought provoking questions, articles and recommended readings. Having completed Discover! we hope that you will have pondered some of life biggest question, looked at the answers given in the Bible and come to a verdict on whether or not the claims of Jesus are fictional and can be forgotten or are legitimate and in which case demand personal action. 

How does it work?

You will consider five big questions:

  1. Who is God?

  2. What is the Bible?

  3. Why do I need to Know God?

  4. How can I know God?

  5. How does knowing God change my life?

It does not have to be completed all at once and you can come back to it at any time. In order to discover the answer to each question you will examine the evidence, hear what the Bible says, contemplate additional questions, watch videos and read short extracts from articles and books. You will spend 20 minutes interactively on each of the questions. We will also equip you with additional resources for you to do your own research.

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Begin to Discover!

Image by Greg Rakozy

Who is God?

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What is the Bible?

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Why do I need to know God?

Begin Part 3
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How can I know God?

Begin Part 4
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How does knowing God change my life?

Begin Part 5
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