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Bible Questions

Do you have a question about Christianity and the Bible? Are you seeking an answer? Shout Good News has a dedicated question team who have answered some of your questions. Search below to see if your question is there.


Still can't find an answer? Don't worry - submit your question using our 'Ask A Question' feature and a team member will research & answer your question for free.

Ask A Question

Maybe you have a burning question about the Christian faith that you really want answered?

Perhaps you have a question but don't know who to ask? 

Have you searched high and low for an answer and yet are still left wondering what the answer may be?


If you have a question related to the Bible and the Christian faith, you can submit it using the form below and we will do our best to prayerfully and biblically answer it.  Any question that you ask us will be answered personally by a member of our questions team and you will be able to follow up our response at any time. 

Before submitting your question we would encourage you to search our database of previously answered questions, if you can't find your question or are not satisfied with the answer provided then please drop us a line! 

Thanks for submitting! Our team will read and review your question and will get back to you as soon as possible. We may use any answers our writers provide on our website if we believe others may benefit from the answer too. Anything posted will be generic and anonymised but if you do have any issues with this then do let us know. Please allow for between 5-7 days for a member of our team to respond. If you need to contact us directly our email is

Ask A Question
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