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21 chapters in length. It takes under an hour to read. Yet the message of John’s Gospel has touched hearts and changed minds. The majestic opening to John’s Gospel is often called the Prologue. If the Gospel were an opera, this Prologue would be the musical intro – the Overture. 

In this feature length documentary, through gripping narrative, dramatic visuals, historical analysis and musical works, Paul M Harvey explores ten themes found in the Gospel – which are first mentioned in the Prologue. Through these themes we capture the essence of the Gospel as a whole.

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Bible Questions 

Shout Good News realises the importance of providing biblical and timely answers to questions related to the Christian faith. We are continually adding to a bank of questions and answers. 

Can't find an answer for your Bible question?

Use our 'Ask A Question' service!

We will do our best to prayerfully research and answer your question so as to provide a response that is both helpful and biblically. Your question will be answered by a member of our Questions Team.

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Bible Documentary

Join Paul M Harvey in 'Listen I Tell You A Mystery' as he travels around the most beautiful locations scattered across North Wales and in doing so explores some of the greatest mysteries of the Bible. From the mystery of the cross to the mystery of eternity. From the beauty of the spring flowers blooming at Bodnant Gardens to the summer waves crashing onto the cliffs of Ynys Llanddwyn. In this hour long programme, Paul will venture through nine Biblical mysteries by way of original song, short devotions and personal testimony.

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Book Reviews

Below are a few Christian book reviews.

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For a wider selection of book reviews :

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Paul M Harvey 
Music Hub

Shout Good News is proud to host Christian composer, singer, guitarist & presenter, Paul M Harvey's musical hub filled with songs, resources and programmes.

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When you are driving. When you are relaxing. When you are studying. When you are ready to sleep. The Shout Good news Podcast is free for you to listen to!

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